I want to be a shell

2019 video installation 33 min. 43 sec.


2019 Sound installation pedestal, title plate, audio player, motor

Drawing of silence (Installation)

2018,  pencil on wall, text printed on transparent sheets

Carved apology

2017 soap, pedestal, display turntable, title plate

Drawing of ambiguity (Installation)

2017/2018, pencil (black and white) on walls

White sculpture

2017 5 sculptures made with self-drying clay

Fake Wind

2016 Site-specific installation at the hunting pavilion in Meise Botanical garden.


2016 Site-specific installation, title plate, weeds


2015 12 boxes, title plate 36x36x27cm(biggest box) 10x10x5.8cm(smallest box) (Photograph by Jhoeko, commissioned by billytown)

This is Art

2014, site specific installation lamp, window, shadow of gallery logo and title plate – From  ART  series

One cup / Other cups

2014, site-specific installation 373 coca cola cups, door – From One and Other series

f901, Senko Hanabi

Video installation, 4 video screenings in a home environment

One stone / Two stones

2013, 2 stones, title plate – From One and Other series

Outer Power

2013, red laser pointer, electronic kettle, pedestal

Thousand of space between black and white

2011, 1000 copies of the flip book – From Space between series

Ten square metre of shadow

2011, marble title plate, lamp, 10m2 shadow

One tennis ball / Two tennis balls

2011 site-specific installation wall corner, 2 tennis balls,  titles plate – From One and Other series

In shadow

2007 ~ site-specific installationgraphite, lamp, wall corner, shadow — in Prague, 2010 Lighting up the wall makes a shad


2010, mandarin, tape, sign(mandarin)

Space between pillars

2010 site-specific installation pillars, lamps, shadow, trypod, title plate – From Space between series


2009/2010 site-specific installation tram stop sign H, hole, title plate, blocked window and metal pipe(30cm)


2009,pen, cap, flash light, shadow

Standing position in my studio

2008 site-specific installation glass 30x50x0.3cm, window, sign on the floor, tennis ball behind window