I want to be a shell

video installation 33 min. 43 sec.

Ghost in silence

2017/2018Video / performance  5 surround sound, 20min.

In Praise of Laziness

2015, video, 56min. A collaborative video work with Mounira Al Solh 

Video of A4 paper

2015, video played with ipad/photo frame 2min.15sec. loop – From A4 paper series

How to pronounce ART

2015, video, 7min.46sec. – From  ART  series

Designed Art

2014/2015, book(69 pages, 15 x 10 cm) video(50sec.) – From  ART  series

Full moon

2014, video, 1min.4sec.

f901, Senko Hanabi

Video installation, 4 video screenings in a home environment

Squaring the circle

2010, video, 1min.58sec.

Space between yellow and blue

2009, video installation, 2min.49sec. – From Space between series

Exit in my studio

2009, video, 1min.30sec.  

Earthquake Magnitude 7.0

2008, video installation, 2min.33sec.


2005, video installation, 23min.46sec.loop


2003, video, 5min.57sec.