f901, Senko Hanabi


Video installation,
4 video screenings in a home environment

Solo presentation at Temporary
f901 is a reference code which corresponds, according to the numbering / dating by the critic R. W. Franklin, the following poem by Emily Dikinson:

The Soul’s distinct connection
With immortality
Is best disclosed by Danger
Or quick Calamity –

As Lightning on a Landscape
Exhibits Sheets of Place –
Not yet suspected – but for Flash –
And Click – and Suddenness.

Temporary asked to the artist Rumiko Hagiwara to confront herself with a poem by Emily Dikinson, the number “901” (according to the numbering and dating of critical R.W. Franklin), to develop a new project.
F901, Senko Hanabi is the title of the work that the artist has developed precisely from these verses; is being presented today for the first time together with a number of previous works that will accompany us inside her artistic research.

still images from the video installation

————  Extract from the description of F901, Senko Hanabi ———–

Through the sparker image of Senko Hanabi, I connected the poem with the animated image of dangerous explosion, nuclear fission and fusion.

There are many educational science film about nuclear power, what supposed to bring our highly developed technology. Many films were made in 60’, promoting the great new power source that we are able to control. But you know, what happened in Fukushima in Japan, the sudden calamity made us notice the danger. After discovering of the danger, the narratives and the images of the films show us the doubts on egoistic thoughts of humankind.    …………

I collected imaginations of enormous power, illuminated footage of the nuclear explosion from the science films in youtube. They are just images of explosions, but depicted in the process of dreaming our better future. I intend to create a special space by projecting the collection of them. The piled up flash images possibly makes us hypnotize like Senko Hanabi, the animated explosion images are somehow very beautiful. But therefore it brings us into a sensation of sadness on our lives that we are taking part in and no way to avoid.

—————  Video Installation View  —————-

Four screens: TV, computer, ipad and wall projection were located in a home environment. The animated images of explosions extracted from 60’s educational science films were played with the sounds on each screen randomly.