111 (50%) copies of A4 paper & other titles by Rumiko Hagiwara

Or a notebook, alongside 32 titles 
Composed by Jeanine Hofland


 This book consists of 111 (50 %) copies of A4 paper, now A5, alongside 32 titles of art works by Japanese artist Rumiko Hagiwara. The book is composed by Jeanine Hofland, who has been Hagiwara’s gallerist from 2010 until 2016, when the gallery closed its doors. The book can be considered as an artist book, as a poem spread over the pages of the book. As 32 titles, alongside 111 empty pages that serve as a void for thoughts. Or as an ordinary notebook to write, doodle or draw alongside 32 titles without visual references.
Design: Lukas Küng/ Im Burrow, Belin
ISBN: 978-90-827778-0-2
Printer/Binder : Druckerei Zu Altenburg (DZA)
‘111 (50%) copies of A4 paper & other titles by Rumiko Hagiwara and a notebook, alongside 32 titles’
2 books (one to use as notebook, one as artist book), signed and numbered with authenticity certificate and a unique drawing/ text by Rumiko Hagiwara & Jeanine Hofland
Edition of 40