2014, 29.7 x 21cm laser print, pile of the prints

White sculpture

2017 5 sculptures made with self-drying clay

Drawing of white

2017, 40 x 30cm pencil on paper

f901, Senko Hanabi

2013 Video installation,4 video screenings in a home environment

Five square metre of shadow

2011, title plate, lamp, 5m2 shadow

Books, DVDs, cables, cushions, an umbrella, a flashlight and an ashtray in a carton box

2011, 100x71cm photo, inkjet print


2011, 105x68cm photo, inkjet print

Lou Jansenplein 89, Amsterdam

2011, 74 x 60cm photo, inkjet print

Flying blue

2011 27 sheet A4 each

Various sketches for leaving the room

2010poster A2, e-mail conversation with Gerlach en koop

Weimarstraat 86

2010, photo book, 79p, 20x25x0.5cm

almost nothing

  – Almost Nothing – 2010, poster, A2


2010, mandarin, tape, sign(mandarin)

Space between pillars

2010 site-specific installation pillars, lamps, shadow, trypod, title plate – From Space between series


2009,105x70cm, photo, inkjet print  

Centre court

2009, 50x50cm, photo, inkjet print

Stick and X

2009, 2min.15sec.  

Square in sky

2009, video, 1hr.4min.47sec.loop

Square, Circle

2008, 20×14.5cm 2 inkjet prints mounted on Aluminum                     

Flash light

2008, flash light, wall plug

a triangle

2008, photo(100mmx100mm) photo installation polaroid film


2007 photo(10cmx7.5cm) C-print


2006 site-specific installation shuttle

One line of them

2006 site-specific installation toothpick, crack in the floor


2006 site-specific installation transparent tape, corridor

One piece of wool

2005 site-specific installation wool, wood floor


2005 site-specific installation white paper, wall


2003,video, 5min.57sec.