Sound installation
pedestal, title plate, audio player, motor

‘Mono/ Butsu’ is a sound installation based on a Japanese Character that found its origin in China, meaning “object” however by its travel through time and borders new connotations were added to the character.
While the white pedestal spins with changing tempo from slow to fast, Hagiwara reads out loud its multiple interpretations, varying from “something” to “nothing”.

Installation view at Althuis Hofland Gallery

Multiple interpretations of 物 (Mono/Butsu) – from Jisho, an online Japanese English dictionary

thing; object; matter; goods; article; stuff; material; substance​; one’s things; stock, products, stolen goods, money; cash; loot, spoils possessions; property; belongings; things; something; anything; everything; nothing; quality; reason; the way of things​; used to emphasize emotion; used to emphasize judgment; used to indicate a common occurrence in the past; used to indicate a general tendency; used to indicate something that should happen​; item classified as …; item related to …; work of …​; cause of …; cause for …​; somehow; somewhat; for some reason​; really; truly​