Fake Wind

Site-specific installation at the hunting pavilion in Meise Botanical garden.
Mp3 player, Wind sound through speaker and Motor in synchronized setting, transparent thread, lamps, tree

Installation view


The title of this site-specific installation already indicates the fact that this is the fake wind. Certainly, there is no wind inside of the pavilion as its windows are closed.  From the backside window, audiences can even confirm the trick by seeing that the motor is pulling transparent threads hooked onto the branches of the tree.

However, when audiences observe that the tree inside pavilion swings simultaneously with the sound of wind coming from the speaker, they perceive the blast of wind passed through the pavilion. Our cognitions around the things are quite uncertain and therefore they are mysterious.

By displaying the fake wind as the fake in the contrast to nature, our perception was twisted and it eventually creates the humorous poetry on our view.



Video documentation


Installation view from the backside window / Photo by Sophie Nuytten, commissioned by CC Strombeek


Installation view from the frontside window / Photo by Sophie Nuytten, commissioned by CC Strombeek