Horizontal Line (Akagi Mountain)

2016, 2018, 2023

photo collage
99×37 cm
Photographic paper, Acrylic frame

Installation View at CAVE-AYUMI Gallery / Photo: Takaaki Akaishi
Installation View at CAVE-AYUMI Gallery / Photo: Takaaki Akaishi

Maebashi is a city in Japan where there is no view of the horizon because the city is surrounded with mountains. However popular Japanese children’s song, Sea whose lyric praises spectacular view of the sea and desires to beyond the horizon, was composed in the city.
I took several photos of the mountain in Maebashi-city and cut them out small pieces and connected the mountain ridge straight by slanting each piece. The composed horizontal line out of the mountain landscape had created an appearance of the sea landscape.


– printed on Bookmarks together with a Japanese children’s song ‘Sea’

* 作詞:林柳波(群馬県沼田市)作曲:井上武士(群馬県勢多郡芳賀村(現在の前橋市)出身)
* この作品は、2016年アーツ前橋が運営する地域アートプロジェクトの滞在制作時に制作されました。 

* This work was produced for the local art project( Artist in Residency) in Arts Maebashi.

After the period of the residency program, this collage image was designed in the bookmark format to be inserted into everybody’s personal books. On the front side of the bookmark, there is the image of the horizontal line, and the part of lyrics of the song “Sea” was printed on the backside.

Original image of the mountain