How to pronounce ART

video, 7min.46sec.
– From  ART  series

A Japanese artist is drinking with her gallerist in a bar, making a conversation about her problem. She can’t pronounce the sound of “R” well, for instance the word of “ART” in English, because English sound of “R” doesn’t exist in Japanese language.  By practicing the sound of “R” again and again together, their conversation concluded that her art context is that she is a Japanese artist who can’t pronounce ART in the art world.

Extracted conversation from the video

Ah.. I have a problem because I’m not able to pronounce well specially for the sound of “R”.


ah.. “R”

Because Japanese language don’t have a distinction on the sound of “L” like “late”, and “R” like “rabbit”.

Yeah yeah

“L” and “R”…. I am not pronouncing well, I am sure.


You know, in the way it doesn’t matter. Because we all know we speak certain formats of broken English. We all have different and wrong pronunciations and at the end we know what is about. I think that’s like a good thing, you know.

I know. I survived with this English so far. I am in this country quite long time. People understand me. But still, I really really wanna speak in the same way. I want to be same with you. I want to speak same language with you, it’s like a desire, stick with me.

Yeah Yeah so we should practice the “R” more. Every time I see you we should practice.

Yeah, you need to correct me.


R…R…R… rare.. rare..

Rare.. rare..



ART. I am Artist. ART. I am Artist.

Artist who cannot say ART.


You know what. Maybe it’s.. like..

You have a context as such Japanese Artist who is not able to pronounce a word “ART”!


That would be funny.

Yeah sure. Nowadays contextualized subject is so important in the art world.


I have a context!

Yeah your context is..

As a Japanese Artist… Who can’t pronounce ART!!


Hahaha… ok repeat it. Repeat it.


ART. ……….

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