Square in square

2010, 120×83.5cm, photo, inkjet print


2010, mandarin, tape, sign(mandarin)


2010, 110x145cm, photo, inkjet print    

Space between pillars

2010 site-specific installation pillars, lamps, shadow, trypod, title plate – From Space between series

Space between yellow and blue

2009, video installation, 2min.49sec. – From Space between series

Exit in my studio

2009, video, 1min.30sec.  


2009/2010 site-specific installation tram stop sign H, hole, title plate, blocked window and metal pipe(30cm)


2009, pen, cap, flash light, shadow

Exercise ball

2009, 105x70cm, photo, inkjet print on cloth  


2009, 135x91cm, light box photo, inkjet print    

Ceiling in my studio

2009, 90x90cm, photo, inkjet print


2009, 105x70cm, photo, inkjet print

Marble and Brick

2009, 96x135cm, photo, inkjet print

Gold and Yellow

2009, 70x95cm, photo, inkjet print

Earthquake Magnitude 7.0

2008, video installation, 2min.33sec.

Standing position in my studio

2008 site-specific installation glass 30x50x0.3cm, window, sign on the floor, tennis ball behind window

Space between black and white

2008, 15 x 9 x 7.5(H)cm flip book, inkjet print – From Space between series


2005, video installation, 23min.46sec.loop


2003, video, 5min.57sec.