2015 12 boxes, title plate 36x36x27cm(biggest box) 10x10x5.8cm(smallest box) (Photograph by Jhoeko, commissioned by billytown)

In Praise of Laziness

2015, video, 56min. A collaborative video work with Mounira Al Solh 

Video of A4 paper

2015, video played with ipad/photo frame 2min.15sec. loop – From A4 paper series

Drawing of A4 paper

2015, 29.7 x 21cm(A4 size) pencil on paper – From A4 paper series

How to pronounce ART

2015, video, 7min.46sec. – From  ART  series

Designed Art

2014/2015, book(69 pages, 15 x 10 cm) video(50sec.) – From  ART  series