Thousand of space between black and white

2011, 1000 copies of the flip book – From Space between series

Gun under white sheets / Knife under white sheets

2011, 30 x 30 cm / 30 x 30cm pencil on paper

Ten square metre of shadow

2011, marble title plate, lamp, 10m2 shadow

One tennis ball / Two tennis balls

2011 site-specific installation wall corner, 2 tennis balls, ┬átitles plate – From One and Other┬áseries

50cm of 15cm ruler

2011, 50 x 34cm photo, inkjet print

Books, DVDs, cables, cushions, an umbrella, a flashlight and an ashtray in a carton box

2011, 100x71cm photo, inkjet print


2011, 105x68cm photo, inkjet print

Lou Jansenplein 89, Amsterdam

2011, 74 x 60cm photo, inkjet print

Flying blue

2011, 27 sheet A4 each